New ZEISS Progressive – Smartlife Individual 3

ZEISS SmartLife Individual 3: A New Generation of Tailor-Made Lenses

People’s lifestyles and viewing habits are continually changing. Therefore, ZEISS has improved the design of its ZEISS SmartLife lens portfolio. SmartLife Individual 3 lenses offer the highest level of personalization available in a ZEISS lens. Follow us on instagram or facebook for updates on the availability of these lenses in Singapore at Evershine Optical.

The essentials at a glance: 

  • ZEISS has now incorporated both horizontal and vertical ‘centers of rotation’ of each eye in SmartView 2.0 technology, which has resulted in wider fields of clear view.
    SmartView 2.0 technology is featured in the entire ZEISS SmartLife portfolio.
  • The design of ZEISS Smartlife lenses could be further optimized to deliver the highest level of individualization under the ZEISS Smartlife Individual 3 portfolio of lenses based on a ZEISS study which shows that visual behavior noticeably differs between different age groups, and certain age clusters can be deduced
ZEISS Smartlife Individual 3

Using ZEISS SmartView 2.0 technology to improve the portfolio

The ZEISS SmartLife lens portfolio is characterized by the fact that it takes the latest scientific findings and innovations into account. Therefore, the SmartView technology which is one of the underlying principles of the portfolio has been updated based on new studies conducted by the ZEISS.

With ZEISS SmartView 2.0 technology, ZEISS Smartlife lens portfolio now have a wider field of clear view.

ZEISS Smartlife Individual 3

Study shows age clusters for visual behavior

A study done by ZEISS shows that

  • Viewing requirement differ noticeably between different age groups
  • Self-assessment of the viewing behaviours and habits of wearers through classic questioning deviates significantly from objective data analysis

These findings form the basis of the ZEISS Intelligence Augmented Design technology, which, with ZEISS SmartLife Individual 3 lenses, takes the precise fit of spectacle lenses and visual comfort to a new level.

Individual parameters are translated into target design

ZEISS Intelligence Augmented Design technology uses smart data science to further optimize lens design.

This technology determines:

  • The distances needed in the lens in everyday life,
  • The eye and head movements of people who wear glasses

This translates into a target design that optimally matches the visual behavior.

85% of wearers confirm that with SmartLife Individual 3 lenses, they have full freedom of vision in any distance and direction.

Smartlife Individual 3 VS Smartlife Individual 2

The ZEISS SmartLife lens portfolio was launched in 2019 as a solution to the challenges of modern, dynamic viewing behavior.

Recent studies now show that viewing behavior has changed even more. Intense digital viewing in our daily lives with multiple devices at the same time has made dynamic visual behavior an even more important factor in a fast-changing, digitally immersive world.

Hence, ZEISS now offer Smartlife Individual 3, an improved version of Smartlife Individual 2.

Updated and New Technology
Smartlife Individual 2Smartlife Technology
Smartlife Individual 3 (New)Smartlife 2.0 Technology
– Provide wider field of clear view

Intelligence Augmented Design technology
– Optimise the lens to the wearer’s personal visual behaviour and requirements

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