Ophthalmic Lenses

When it comes to eyewear , the most important element must be the spectacle lenses as they provide you with optimal vision.

At Evershine Optical, our optometrist, who is also an excellent optician, will help you choose a pair of lenses that is most suitable for you and the frame that you have chosen to provide you with the best vision. As an independent optical shop, we have access to latest breakthrough in optical lens from the most reputable optical manufacturers.

We have access to lenses from major brands like HOYA, Zeiss, Essilor, Tokai and Seiko.

Quality and service matters a lot. We are proud to support HOYA and Zeiss as our main suppliers when it comes to optical lenses. HOYA and Zeiss are global technology companies and  leading suppliers of advanced optical products. HOYA and Zeiss are the best when it comes to lens coating technology. Through their constant innovation in lens technology, HOYA and Zeiss has been able to produce lenses that are of the highest in quality in terms of material and natural and comfortable vision.

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