ic! berlin Flexarbon collection

New ic! berlin collection – FLEXARBON

FLEXARBON, ic! berlin’s new collection is now available at Evershine Optical, it will be added into our wide range of ic! belin collection. This collection is launched in late 2023 and is extremely lightweight, unique material & ultimate comfort.

Borrowing techniques from aerospace technology, the result was a product with unprecedented functionality. The innovative FLEXARBON® collection marks the starting point of a new era in eyewear manufacturing.


FLEXARBON collection pushes boundaries in performance and style. Through advanced materials engineering and meticulous craftsmanship, they created a line optimized for comfort and durability.

These carbon frames blend sleek aesthetics with lightweight flexibility and caters to individuals who value premium materials and technological breakthroughs


Three years were spent working with scientists to develop the now patented FLEXARBON® material, a carbon material that is both feather-light and strong.

The FLEXARBON material presents an exceptionally refined aesthetic with a subtly textured matte finish.

Quick Facts


The FLEXARBON® frame features an exceptionally lightweight design, with the front section weighing in at a mere 2 grams. This is lighter than a standard sheet of paper, ensuring optimal weight distribution and comfort when worn.

The perfect weight distribution makes the difference here: the front part is as light as possible; the temples are just a little heavier to realize the perfect balance and comfort. This type of manufacturing pays off not only during exercise and sports but in all daily activities.

Pressure points on the nose are a thing of the past with FLEXARBON®.

The material used is also only 0.7 mm thick and consists of eight layers of ultra-thin fibers. The superimposed textile meshes, which use the world’s best carbon fibers, have a high-quality matte surface on the outside and a high-gloss elegant pattern on the inside.

Unique Feature

Another remarkable material property of FLEXARBON®: It cannot be bent – even after it has been heated. The tilt at the front can therefore be adjusted with the new ic! berlin FLEX clip, which is available in three different tilt angles.

This guarantees a customized fit for maximum wearing comfort no matter the activity.

ic! berlin’s FLEXARBON @ Evershine Optical

FLEXARBON collection is now available at Evershine Optical! Below are the FLEXARBON models available in our store:

ic! berlin FLX_01 (click here to browse other colours)

FLX_01_median night_side_ic_berlin_Flexarbon

ic! berlin FLX_02 (click here to browse other colours)

FLX_02_Raw Night_Racing Green-Shiny Graphite_side_ic_berlin_Flexarbon

ic! berlin FLX_03 (click here to browse other colours)

FLX_03_median night_pearl_side_ic_berlin_Flexarbon

ic! berlin FLX_04 (click here to browse other colours)

FLX_04_raw night_metal habanero_side_ic_berlin_Flexarbon

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