Best Progressive Lenses in Singapore

There are many lens companies that design and sell their own progressive lenses. However, how do we know which progressive lens is the best in Singapore? The most common lens companies known are ZEISS, Hoya, Essilor and Nikon. In today’s article, we will talk more about the best progressive lens in each company and which has the best among all.

Progressive lens

Progressive Lens

For progressive lenses, they range from least customized to most customized. Just like fingerprints, every eye is different and special. Therefore, customized lenses provide better and more comfortable vision. Customized lenses are recommended for wearers looking for the best progressive lenses. As the progressive lenses get more customized, the field of view becomes wider and the distortion gets lesser. 

More customized progressive lens means more measurements will be taken into account to design the lens for you. Measurements such as distance between your eyes, distance between the lens and your eyes, inclination of the lens and more.

As mentioned above, the most common lens company known are ZEISS, Hoya, Essilor and Nikon. Their best (most customized) progressive lens are:

  • ZEISS – SmartLife Progressive Individual ( ZEISS SmartLife PRO progressive Individual is now the most customized )
  • Hoya – Hoyalux MyStyle V+
  • Essilor – Varilux Xclusive 4D
  • Nikon – SeeMAx Ultimate

ZEISS SmartLife Progressive Individual

The best progressive lens by ZEISS is SmartLife Progressive Individual. It is designed to meet the vision needs of people who have presbyopia and have a on-the-move lifestyle. It takes into account wearers’ age, vision pattern, visual habits and lifestyles to provide the best personalized vision.

Zeiss Smartlife Progressive
Zeiss Smartlife Progressive Benefits

Features & Benefits of SmartLife Progressive Individual

IndividualFit TechnologyEnsure lens is suitable for wearers’ daily activities and lifestyles
Face Fit TechnologyOptimise viewing zones
Adaption Control TechnologyFaster adaptation to new progressive lenses
FrameFit TechnologyEnsure maximum compatibility with the frame 
Digital Inside TechnologyOptimise vision for both conventional and digital reading needs
Luminance Design TechnologyProvide best natural vision for day and night
SmartView TechnologyEnsure optimal vision for wearers’ age
Provides smoother transition into the lens periphery with less perceived blur 
RX CustomizationDelivers up to 50% wider field of view

With ZEISS IndividualFit Technology, your visual profile will be matched to one of three unique lens design options — Balanced, Intermediate or Near. This is to ensure that the lens is designed to fit your lifestyle and daily activities.

Vision Profiles

Hoya — Hoyalux MyStyle V+

The best progressive lens by Hoya is Hoyalux MyStyle V+. With Mystyle V+, you will be able to focus effortlessly at different distances and will be able to adapt easily. Your power, lifestyle and past wearing experiences will be taken into account to offer you a highly personalized design that is suitable for you.

Hoyalux MyStyle V+

Features & Benefits of Hoyalux MyStyle V+

Smart AnalysisOptimises vision 
Provide comfortable and natural vision
Binocular HarmonisationImprove depth perception
Provide comfortable binocular vision
Integrated Double Surface DesignReduce eye movement 
Wider field of vision
Position of Wear Provides comfortable vision
Easy adaptation

Essilor — Varilux Xclusive 4D

The best progressive lens by Essilor is Varilux Xclusive 4D. Varilux Xclusive 4D allows the wearer to see every detail within an arms’ length, as well as beyond. Wearers get to enjoy no more head movement to see things sharply and achieve the most natural vision possible.

Features & Benefits of Varilux Xclusive 4D

Xtend Technology Eliminate the need to move wearers’ head to see sharp
W.A.V.E TechnologyRemove blurriness
Ensure sharp vision, even in dim conditions
Nanoptix TechnologyEliminate off-balance feeling (‘swim’ effect)
SynchronEyesClearer vision (Right to left and top to bottom)
4D TechnologyFocus faster when moving from one point to another
Eyecode TechnologyMaximise performance of the lens design to provide effortless vision
Varilux Fit TechnologyEnsure outstanding visual performance 

Nikon — SeeMax Ultimate

The best progressive by Nikon is SeeMax Ultimate. Nikon reinvent progressive lenses with SeeMax Ultimate, a revolutionary breakthrough where every lens is co-designed with the wearer based on his needs, preferences and viewing habits for the ultimate viewing experience.

Features & Benefits of SeeMax Ultimate

SeeMax TechnologyFurther improve optical quality and reduce aberrations 
Viewfit Viewing area is optimised where you need it most
NODE OptimisationOffer perfect visual precision
Vision Sensitivity MeasurementMake any remaining aberration less visible by responding to what the wearer actually sees and feels behind their lenses
Seamless SwitchEasy adaption
Features of Nikon SeeMax Ultimate

Which is the best progressive lens in Singapore

These four progressive lenses are the most customized progressive lenses by ZEISS, Hoya, Essilor and Nikon.

Similarities of these 4 progressive lenses

Zeiss Smartlife Progressive IndividualFace Fit Technology
Hoyalux MyStyle V+Position of Wear
Essilor Varilux Xclusive 4DVarilux Fit Technology
SeeMax Ultimate Viewfit
Features which measures position of frame when worn

Position of Wear was first used by ZEISS to design progressive lenses customized for every individual in 2000.

For these 4 progressive lenses, they take into account the position of frame when worn before designing the lens. Position of frame when worn is also known as Position of Wear. Measurements such as centration, distance between the eyes and lens, tilt of the lens, horizontal angle of the lens will be taken. These measurements allows wearers to have a wider field of view and lesser peripheral distortions on the progressive lens.

Differences of these 4 progressive lenses

For these 4 progressive lenses, they each have their own unique features.

Unique Features
ZEISS Smartlife Progressive IndividualSmartView Technology
– Smoother transition into lens periphery with less perceived blur
Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+Integrated Double Surface Design
– Wide, distortion-free field of vision
– Lesser vertical eye
Essilor Varilux Xclusive 4DXtend Technology
– Eliminate the need to move wearers’ head to see sharp
SeeMax TechnologySeeMax Technology
– Further improve optical quality and reduce aberrations 

The difference between them is the different technologies use to design the lenses. Each of them have their own unique features and technologies. For ZEISS SmartLife Progressive Individual, it is more customized and unique as it takes into account the wearers’ age. As one ages, their pupils get smaller, lens get less flexible and their visual needs also change. These are taken into account when designing the lens for the wearer. At Evershine Optical, ZEISS SmartLife Progressive Individual is our best selling premium progressive lenses.

So which one of these is the best ? All of them try to give you the widest vision possible through various customisation. They are differentiated only by their own technology but essentially, they all do the same thing. We believe accurate prescription, proper fitting and how to customise the various options offered by these lenses will be an important factor to ensure you get the best out of them.

Progressive lenses @ Evershine Optical

ZEISS SmartLife Progressive Individual, Hoyalux MyStyle V+, Nikon SeeMax Ultimate are available at Evershine Optical. Varilux X series is also available here. Optometrists at Evershine Optical will first conduct a comprehensive eye examination:

  1. Refraction test
    • Check eye power for distance and how much reading power is needed for near
  2. Eye health check
    • Assess the health of the front and back part of the eyes
  3. Eye pressure check
    • Check the pressure of the eyes

After the eye check, we will update you the power and health of your eyes. Before introducing the types of progressive lenses to you, we will ask you questions about your past wearing experiences, lifestyle, whether you spend more time indoors or outdoor and more This is to make sure the progressive lens you are getting will be more customized for you.

After deciding on the lenses, we will taking more measurements such as the distance between your eyes, position of the frame when worn and more. These measurements will be taken using Zeiss i Terminal.

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