Latest Essilor Stellest Promotion

Get a pair of Stellest Sunlens worth $600 when you purchase a pair of clear Stellest Myopia control lens for your child. Yes, buy one get one free.

The new sun tinted Stellest lens provide children and teenagers with the option to continue to wear Essilor Stellest lenses for outdoor activities, offering protection from sunlight.

“The idea of encouraging children to spend time outdoors has already been widely accepted within the myopia community. So, with this new option, we hope that children will continue to wear their Essilor Stellest lenses outdoors, as it is necessary to safeguard their developing eyes, and help protect their vision for the future. In addition, our extended range will help equip and address a larger myopic population of children and teenagers,” said Norbert Gorny, Chief Scientific Officer at EssilorLuxottica.

The Essilor Stellest lens two-year clinical trial results show that there is greater efficacy when the lenses are worn more than 12 hours per day.*1,2 The lenses will be available in several vibrant colors, and this tint selection gives the wearer a greater pairing choice when choosing frames. Essilor Stellest lenses with sun tints will also come with a Crizal Sun XProtect coating, an all-new protective coating that is two times stronger at protecting against scratches and smudges. 

Essilor Stellest In A Nutshell

1. Myopia Correction With Clear Vision

Stellest™ lenses bring correction through a single vision zone carrying prescription of your children. The single vision zone focuses light onto the retina, which provides clear vision and comfort for the children.

2. And Help Control Myopia Progression With A Volume Of Signal Against Eye Elongation

This lens is made of a cutting-edge constellation of 1021 invisible lenslets, which creates a volume of signal in the child’s eye acting as a shield against eye elongation.

Thanks to the H.A.L.T** technology, Essilor® Stellest™ lenses slow down myopia progression by 67% on average*, compared to single vision lenses, when worn 12 hours a day.

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