Progressive Glasses : what should you know

We often encounter concerns from presbyopic (laohua) patients when we introduce progressive lenses, especially for first time progressive wearers. Some are afraid to try progressive glasses because of the reviews they seen online or heard from their families and friends. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the concerns presbyopic patients usually have before getting progressive glasses (ZEISS, Hoya, Essilor).

Progressive glasses is difficult to adapt

One of the most common concerns we often hear from customers is that according to their families and friends, progressive are difficult to adapt because they find that is blurry or dizzy. These symptoms can be caused by incorrect prescription, improper fitting of progressive lenses or misaligned frames.

Many of our customers adapt to progressive glasses pretty quickly, usually within a week. Unless your prescription is high and you are a first time wearer, then it might take you longer to adapt. With a more customized progressive, you will be able to adapt faster as there are lesser peripheral distortions and have a wider field of view. Click here to read more on Standard Progressive VS Customized Progressive.

How often you need to change progressive glasses

Will I experience dizziness

Dizziness is usually due to the prescription where there is a significant change in astigmatism axis or degree. At Evershine Optical, if there are changes to your prescription, we will let you try the new prescription first to make sure you don’t experience any dizziness or discomfort. If you do, we will adjust the power accordingly.

Do I always have to wear progressive

Many new progressive wearers often ask once they start wearing progressive glasses, does it mean they have to always wear it in the future. Initially, it would be good to wear it often to get used to progressive faster. After you have fully adapt to it, it is okay if you don’t want to wear it often. In the future when your degree changes, you can get reading glasses, it does not necessarily have to be progressive. However, you might not find reading glasses as convenient as progressive.

Do I need to tilt my head when I read

Usually no head tilt is required because when we read, we tend to hold our reading materials lower. Even if the words are small, you will just need to hold the reading materials lower to see clearer. Unless the lens is fitted too low for you then you will need to tilt your head when you read. However, this can be adjusted by properly fitting the progressive and adjusting the progressive corridor.

Recently, we have a customer who finds he need to tilt his head a lot when he read with his progressive glasses and finds it uncomfortable. After an eye exam, there was no changes to his prescription. Upon checking the centration of his progressive, we found that it was because the progressive was fitted too low. For his new progressive, we make sure that it was fitted properly to prevent large amount of head tilt.

Bigger frame is better for progressive

Many thinks that the bigger the frame, the more reading portion they have for progressive. It is partially true. If the height of the frame is too small, the area with full reading power will be cut off at the bottom. As a result, you will have a small reading area if you want to see small words at near.

I will get it next time since my reading power will still increase

Your reading power will most likely increase until you are in your late 50s to 60s. With higher reading power, there will be more peripheral distortions and narrower field of view. Wear progressive when your reading power is low allows faster adaptation, especially when you change to progressive with higher reading power.

I can see clearly for distance, do I need to wear progressive

Even if you have perfect eyesight for distance, you will still have presbyopia and require reading aids for near and intermediate distance. Progressive can be done with no degree for the distance. Having a pair of progressive allows you to see distance, computer distance and near which is more convenient as compared to carrying reading and intermediate glasses all around with you.

I can see clearly by lifting up my glasses, I don’t need progressive

When you are myopic and can see clearly by lifting up your single vision glasses, it means that you have presbyopia. Also, having a pair of progressive will be more comfortable and convenient as it would be a hassle to keep lifting up your glasses to read. Even if you don’t find the need to have progressive yet, sooner or later when your presbyopia worsen, you will need reading aids. The earlier you wear progressive glasses, the faster you can adapt to the glasses.

Lifting up glasses to read

Progressive Glasses assurance @ Evershine Optical

Progressive glasses has been around for a long time and since then, technology has improved alot which allows manufacturers to produce better lens design to reduce adaptation time. Many 1st time wearers are concern about the distortion of a progressive lens but when he let them try our trial, it’s usually not such a big deal as they think.

At Evershine Optical, our optometrists make sure the prescription is comfortable for you especially if there are changes. For first time progressive wearer, we will let you try on the progressive lenses for you to have a feel of how it works. We have different range of progressive lenses such as ZEISS Smartlife Progressive and we will recommend based on your lifestyles, needs and budget. Find out which is the best progressive lenses in Singapore here.

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