ic! berlin VS MYKITA

ic! berlin VS MYKITA

ic! berlin and MYKITA are two of our best selling brands. Both are made of sheet metal and may look very similar in design. Each brand has their own fans. We are fan of both brands, both of which are available at Evershine Optical. As they look quite similar (some of the designs), we often get asked what’s the difference between the 2 brands and which is better. In this post, we will tell you what we think of these 2 brands.


Frames from ic! berlin and MYKITA are handmade in Germany. They are light, durable and screwless.

They are very light and flexible because it is made from metal sheets less than or 0.5mm thick.

Instead of screws, they have hinges. Many have experienced screws getting loose or losing the screws and always have to visit an optical shop to tighten them. With frames from ic! berlin and MYKITA, you will not need to worry about screws getting loose because they are replaced by hinges.


The main difference between ic! berlin and MYKITA is the design of their hinge. MYKITA features an openly displayed spiral hinge, a mechanical solution that became an incidental styling element and a hallmark of MYKITA frames. ic! berlin features a range of hinge systems in different sizes, using screwless, rivetless and glueless constructions in sheet metal.

ic! berlin Hinge:

MYKITA Spiral Hinge:

MYKITA metal frames comes in only stainless steel. However, for ic! berlin, other than stainless steel, it is also available in titanium.

MYKITA and ic! berlin also differ slightly in terms of design. Many feel the designs of MYKITA are more fashionable compared to ic! berlin which is more utilitarian / industrial .

Which is more durable?

Both are durable. However, if you are someone who have kids who often pull and play with your glasses or often sleep with your glasses, ic! berlin may be more durable and suitable for you. For most ic! berlin frames, the temples can be clip off easier than MYKITA due to the design of the hinge. Hence, when accident happens, the temples will clip off instead of bending or breaking.

When the temples are clipped off, it is easier for you to put back the temples yourself without any tools for ic! berlin frames. For MYKITA, tools may be needed to put back the temples and to tighten the hinge.

Which is better / suitable?

MYKITA and ic! berlin are both premium brands with their own design philosophy and branding. From our observation, many who bought ic! berlin are usually very practical people due to their utilitarian design. They want their eyewear to be lasting and withstand rough use and not easily broken. People who bought ic! berlin also because of their wearing comfort.

MYKITA buyers on the other hand are more concerned about design and fashion. Light weight ( especially the MYKITA LITE collection) and comfort is also one of the major consideration when purchasing a pair of MYKITA eyewear.

ic! berlin and MYKITA at Evershine Optical

At Evershine Optical, we have over 40 models for each brand available at our stores for you to browse and try.

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