Zeiss Digital Lens vs Hoya Nulux Active

Zeiss Digital lens and Hoya Nulux Active lens (previously known as Hoya Remark in Asia)  are lenses that aim to enhance your near vision and prevents fatigue after looking at near objects especially laptops, tablets, phablets and mobile phones. This category of lenses have also been called “anti fatigue” lenses.

These lenses are particularly useful for people who are nearing presbyopic age (35 to 40 years old) , people who are long sighted (hyperopic), people who have weak focusing and  eyes get tired easily after looking at near objects and of course people who do alot of near work, constantly staring at spread sheets, laptop and PC like accountants , doctors, office workers, teachers  etc.

At Evershine Optical, we fitted a lot of Hoya Nulux active and response has generally been quite good. There are very few complains of adaptation problems and most who wear it says that it feels like a single vision lens.  However , we have also been quite curious how the Zeiss Digital lens perform against the Nulux Active.

One of our customer who recently bought a pair of Hoya Nulux Active is very happy with it compared to the old one (not sure which brand) that she was wearing. So she decided to purchase a 2nd pair. We recommended that she give the Zeiss Digital lens a try.


When we look at the contour maps of both brands, we are quite surprised that the Zeiss digital lens has much lesser distortion at the sides ( especially the distance) compared to the Hoya Nulux active .

The initial impression when our customer put on her glasses with Zeiss Digital Lens was the distance vision was so much “clearer” (probably from having a wider field of view). Near vision is equally good. This is just an initial impression. Once she puts on her glasses for a few weeks, we will probably find out more on how she feels about the 2 different pairs.

Blue cut coating is available for both Zeiss Digital lens (Duravision blue protect) and Hoya Nulux Active (Blue Control) to cut harmful blue light from digital devices.

If you are experiencing eye strain constantly, we advice you to come for an eye check and see if near work is a contributing factor.

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