ic berlin Urban and VegeTarian collection

Every summer, ic berlin will come out with something different from their core collection. This summer, we have the Urban and also the VegeTarian collection. It’s something different from the usual ic berlin collection.

The Urban collection is made with combination of plotic material (3-D printed) and metal. The 2 models, Uptown and Downtown are now available at Evershine Optical.

The VegeTarian collection is a collaboration between ic! berlin and Jeremy Tarian (son of famous designer Alain Mikli ).

Comprising two correction frames and one sunglass, ic! berlin x tarian features five new custom acetate laminates curated by Tarian and named for some of his favourite cruelty-free foods: A for asparagus, B for beetroot, C for courgette, D for dragon fruit and E for echallot (Tarian is French, after all).

Selected designs for both Urban and VegeTarian collection are now available at Evershine Optical.