Essilor Stellest 依視路 星趣控 – New Myopia Control Lens in Singapore

Stellest 星趣控 is a new myopia control lens developed by Essilor. This is in addition to other myopia control lens 近视控制镜片 in Singapore: Hoya MiYOSMART 豪雅新乐学, ZEISS MyoKids and ZEISS MyoVision. Stellest has been clinically proven to slow down myopia progression up to 67%. Also, it slows down eye elongation up to 60%. (The more the eye elongates, the higher the myopia).

Impacts of Myopia Progression

Myopia is a growing health problem among our children as more children are developing myopia at a younger age. This can be due to genes, lesser time outdoors and more time in front of screens.

Stellest Icons

Studies have shown that 80% of the learning occurs through vision and 1 in 3 children can’t see the board clearly. Hence, myopia progression can affect your child’s learning and eye health.

As myopia increase, the risk of such complications also significantly increase.

Children with low myope of -1.00D to -3.00 have 2X more risk of developing vision-threatening complications later in life. A -8.00D myope has a higher risk of developing vision impairment than a -4.00D

Research have shown that the younger a child develops myopia, the faster it will worsen to high myopia. A 7 years old child with -1.00D myopia can have their myopia progressed to -6.00 by the time they reach 16.

The table below shows the myopia at 16 years old when the child who develop myopia at 7 years old vs at 11 years old.

It shows that the earlier the child develop myopia, the higher the myopia will become in future.

Hence, it is important to start myopia control early when your child is diagnose with myopia.

Essilor Stellest

Unlike ordinary lenses which only correct myopia, Stellest lenses are clinically proven to slow down myopia progression by 67%.

临床试验表明, 依视路星趣控®镜片能有效延缓近视加深平均达67%

Essilor Stellest

Stellest is able to correct and control myopia while standard lenses is only able to correct myopia.

The image below shows Stellest VS Standard lenses.

With Stellest lenses:

With Stellest lenses,

  1. Correct
    • Enjoy sharp vision in all activities
  2. Control
    • Slow down myopia progression with H.A.L.T Technology
  3. No compromises
    • Clear, light and durable

Technology behind Essilor Stellest

H.A.L.T technology (H.A.L.T.高非球微透镜星控技术), a breakthrough technology proven to help slow down myopia progression.

It consist of a constellation of 1021 invisible micro lenses spread on 11 rings. This therefore creates a volume of signal in front of the retina to help slow down elongation of the eye, which helps control myopia progression.

Essilor Stellest lens

Wearing Stellest lenses is easy for children

According to Essilor:

94% of children feel comfortable with Stellest lenses.

91% of children are fully adapted within three days. 100% within one week.

100% of children have a clear vision with Stellest lenses.

This shows that Stellest lenses are comfortable and easy to adapt for children.

Clinical studies done by Essilor has shown that Stellest is able to:

  1. Slow down myopia progression by 67% on average.
  2. Provides sharp vision in all activities.
  3. Aesthetic, safe and simple.
  4. Comfort and fast adaptation.

Among myopia control lenses, Stellest and MiYOSMART have high effectiveness in controlling myopia progression. You can find out how the two products compare in our Essilor Stellest VS Hoya MiYOSMART article here. You can also read about other methods of myopia control here

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