Mykita Wall display

Mykita Wall at Evershine Optical

If you have been to a Mykita shop, you will notice that the interior of the Mykita shop is designed with an all white Mykita Wall display.

“It comprises perforated steel angle beads that are reinvented from their regular function as heavy-duty shelving supports. The resulting structure is backlit and serves as a presentation and display area. Individual shelf elements inserted into the wall provide each model with its own little stage.”

mykita wall

We love the simple and minimalist design of the wall and decided to install the mini version of the wall to display our more than 60 designs comprising No. 1 collection, Lite collection, LessRim collection and Decades collection.

Here are some pictures of the makeover and the final outcome.

mykita wall reno

mykita wall reno 2

mykita wall reno 3

mykita wall 3

mykita wall 2

mykita wall 1

You can check out our collection here : or drop by our shop.