Infographic on using your ZEISS Progressive lenses

How to use your ZEISS Progressive lenses

If you are wearing progressive lenses for the first time, the below information will help you enjoy your progressive lens experience.

Many people are afraid of or have heard about how hard it is to wear progressive lenses. They are afraid that they may get dizzy, difficulty getting used to it, or may have to do a lot of posture adjustment etc . In our opinion, most people can easily adapt to it.

Some people have asked why they have to adapt to the lenses and not the other way round. Or why is it not like their old single vision lenses that they have worn before. The fact is , now you are looking through a very different lens design. However, the truth is your brain is a highly adaptable organ. We always encourage our customers to wear their new lenses for some time. Most adapt to it in a week or two. See First time progressive lens wearers : Things to note

If there are further problems, we will do a troubleshoot to determine if it’s an adaptation problem or some errors in the lenses, prescription error or fitting error.

We hope the below infograhic will reduce the anxiety of wearing progressive lenses for the first time.


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All graphics provided by Carl Zeiss Vision Singapore .