Comparison between Zeiss Officelens and Top line Essilor S series progressive Lens


Are you someone who is about 40 years old and

  1.  has good distance vision
  2.  never worn glasses before
  3. is finding it a bit hard to read fine prints or your mobile phones, and tablet
  4. wants a pair of glasses to help you see near and computer and walk around the office without having to remove your glasses
  5. wants to see clearly at least up to 4m with your glasses but don’t really need very clear (its not really that blur) distance vision because you are not going to wear it outside your office

If you fit the above profile, you are going to benefit most with a pair of Zeiss officelens as compared to a top line progressive lens. The Zeiss Officelens is sometimes categorized as a progressive lens for computer use.

compare-zeiss-office_s-series-768x1024Above are the contour maps showing the amount of distortion in a pair of Zeiss officelens and Essilor’s top of the line S series progressive (both having quite similar prescription).

Notice there are more “distortion” at the bottom half of the S series and narrower progressive channel (reading zone) compared to the Zeiss Officelens.

Due to Zeiss officelens minimal peripheral distortion in the reading zone which results in a wide reading zone , it offers you easier adaption and comfort compared to even a top line general progressive lens. How wide is the reading zone? For the above prescription, someone (me) wearing the Zeiss officelens can read 2 pages of the Straits Times clearly from edge to edge without moving their head side to side. Whereas the for the S series wearer, about 1 and 1/4 page.

In addition, because of the minimal distortion at the reading zone, you are less likely to get the “swim effect” that can cause disorientation or giddiness, especially when you turn your head.

When I first published this comparison, the sales guy at Exxxxxx Singapore ( who has since become the sales manager) told me that it’s not a valid comparison as they belong to  different lens category.  True to a certain extent. However, this post is more about giving our customers the appropriate lens after finding out the lifestyle of the customer and their needs, if the optometrist or optician bothers to do so.  Here, we have shown that simply giving the best progressive lenses from a particular brand to someone whose visual needs have not been taken into careful consideration will not work. Some brand  also advertise and claim that their progressive lenses are able to provide “Superior vision – Any distance, any situation” . Unfortunately many consumers fell into this marketing BS and believe a progressive lens can do everything for them.

The Zeiss officelens is suitable for many people, especially  people who spends a lot of time in the office. It’s also particularly suited for people (first time wearer in particular) who wears reading glasses but also need to see further than what’s around their desk and wants superior comfort.

At Evershine Optical, our optometrists will, after a thorough consultation (including a lifestyle questionnaire) helps determine your visual needs and customize the Zeiss officelens for you.

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