Getting used to progressive lenses

Many people (those who begin to experience difficulty with near vision) are afraid to try progressive lenses because they have heard how difficult it is to get used to it.

If you are in your late 30s or early 40s, chances are the reading power for your progressive lenses will be quite low.  Because of this, we are very confident that most people will be able to get used to their progressive lenses the distortion level in the progressive lenses will be very minimal.

Recently , one of our customer went to a Japanese chain store to get her first pair progressive lenses. She complained that she has problem getting used to them . She felt weird or giddy wearing them. There are a few reasons for that. The progressive lenses are not properly fitted or the prescription is not accurate. Sometimes it’s also due to the progressive lens design, especially cheap progressive lenses which may have a lot of inherent distortion. As she had returned them, we couldn’t find out what is causing the problem.

As she also does a lot of near work or spends a lot of time in the office, we recommended a pair of Zeiss Officelens (room version) for her.  At Evershine Optical, we have not gotten a non-adapt for this lens before with similar prescription. When we look at the contour map (below) of the lenses, we have no doubt that she will have no problem wearing her new progressive lenses.

It can be seen from the above diagram that the distortion on the lens is very minimal (or soft). The distant , intermediate and reading zone is extremely wide. This mean she would not need to move her head side to side when looking at the computer or reading documents on her desk. If you work in the office or spends a lot of time reading and staring at computers, you will be surprised how comfortable the officelens is compared to a general progressive lens. Although it’s called officelens. it is recommended for hobbyist and musicians and doctors as well.

*When our customer came to collect her glasses, she immediately adapted to it, no giddiness, swim etc. However she did remark that her distance vision is slightly blur. This is to be expected as all officelens are made like that and was explained to her.