ZEISS Smartlife PRO Lenses

ZEISS Smartlife PRO Lenses

The digital community is growing and connectivity is increasing regardless of age. To address this concern, ZEISS will be launching ZEISS Smartlife PRO Lenses in Singapore, it’s most customizable lens portfolio, which is now available at Evershine Optical!

Portoflio Insights

  1. ZEISS SmartLife PRO Lenses is based on ZEISS SmartView Technology
    • Tried and tested¹ for modern life to offer you wide fields of view while being connected and on the move.
  2. ZEISS i.Profiler plus
    • The key to unlocking the most customised lenses by ZEISS, allowing a fingerprint measurement of the your eye and exact pupil size.

Benefits of ZEISS Smartlife PRO Lenses

  1. All-day visual comfort for a connected and on-the-move lifestyle.
  2. Provides ease of viewing and relaxed vision in all distances and directions.
  3. Lens designs adapt to changes in vision, as the wearers age.

Visual needs are unique.

Cornea has a direct impact on:

  • Vision prescription
  • Quality of retinal image

Changes of pupil size can affect:

  • Retinal illumiance
  • Depth of focus

These will have an impact on acuity.

The pupil responds to light by adapting its size according to different light conditions. With age, the pupil loses the ability to dilate. Interestingly, even within the same age group, the average pupil diameter also differs from person to person.

Lenses should address todays’ visual needs.

The average lifestyle has drastically changed over the past few years. Many live in a fast-paced world, constantly connected, both on and offline. Good, comfortable vision is crucial to take on every day, confident and aware.

People tend to:

  • Glue their eyes to digital devices even when they are on the move.
  • Constantly switch between digital devices and physical surroundings.

These keep your eyes busier than ever. It may lead to uncomfortable vision, eye strain, or make even ordinary tasks feel harder, or worse.

Furthermore, visual needs change with age. This can be attributed to two key factors:

  1. A decrease in the amplitude of accommodation.
  2. A decrease in pupil diameter.

Hence, it’s important to have clear central vision but also smooth peripheral vision. It will help you to easily switch between different distances and directions.

Professional eye measurement powered by ZEISS i.Profiler plus

Accurate and complete information is the key to providing lenses that perfectly meet your individual needs.

ZEISS i.Profiler plus (available at Evershine Optical) delivers a personal eye profile for each patient – far beyond the limits of traditional refraction.

It allows:

  • An in depth, accurate analysis of your eyes
  • Your exact pupil size
  • Your current visual optics profile including higher order aberrations and corneal data.
  • Highly accurate objective refraction.
  • ZEISS i.Scription analysis.

ZEISS Individual Luminance Design Technology results in more precise lenses.13

ZEISS Individual Luminance Design Technology considers the unique pupil size in all-day light situations based on the ZEISS i.Profiler plus measurement and your date of birth.

Smartlife PRO Portfolio

Smartlife PRO Individual Lenses ranges from single vision, digital to progressive lenses.

ZEISS Smartlife VS Smartlife PRO

ZEISS Smartlife was launched in Singapore in 2020 and has been available in Evershine Optical since then. Smartlife PRO which is launched in Jun 2022 will be even more customized as compared to Smartlife.


Both uses ZEISS SmartView Technology which includes Clear optics, Thin Optics, Smart Dynamic Optics and Age Intelligence.


ZEISS Smartlife PRO is more customized as compared to ZEISS Smartlife. Both takes into account pupil size.

However, Smartlife takes into account the average pupil size of your age group while Smartlife PRO takes your exact pupil size using ZEISS Individual Luminance Design Technology. By taking the exact pupil size, allows the lens to be more customized for you. Hence, providing better visual performances.

Not all lenses from Smartlife uses FaceFit Technology, only the Individual (most customisable lens) uses this technology. On the other hand, this technology is used throughout the whole ZEISS Smartlife PRO Individual portofolio.

Book an appointment with us or whatsapp us at +6588461234 to get your Visual Optics Profile assessed by the newest ZEISS i.Profiler Plus.


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