ZEISS Smartlife Digital Lens : Anti Fatigue Lenses

ZEISS Smartlife Digital lens was launched in October 2019 and available in Evershine Optical since February 2020. It is a premium lens portfolio for consumers of all ages and designed for on-the-move lifestyles. ZEISS Smartlife portfolio includes Smartlife Single Vision, Smartlife Digital Lenses and Smartlife Progressive. In this article, we will be talking more about ZEISS Smartlife Digital Lenses.

What is ZEISS Digital Lenses?

Increase in digitalization results in the public spending more time on their digital devices such as smartphones, laptop and tablets. Increased usage of these near work can cause eye fatigue, eye strain, neck pain, dry eyes and even headache. The table below shows over two-third of adults who experience symptoms when use digital devices regularly:

A single vision corrected for distance might not be able to relieve the symptoms. However, using a low addition power over the distance correction has been recommended as an effective treatment to relieve these symptoms (Sheedy J, Shaw M.P. 2003). After using digital lens for 2 weeks, 46% of the participants no longer experienced eye fatigue (Meister D.)

Digital Lens Diagram
Digital Lens
Smartlife Digital Lens

ZEISS Smartlife Digital Lens

ZEISS Smartlife Digital Lens provide a large field of distance vision and support for near vision at the bottom portion of the lens which prevents tired eyes, especially after long usage of digital devices.

It is allows a more natural transition into progressive lenses when your reading power increases.

SmartView Technology

ZEISS Smartlife Digital Lens was designed using Zeiss SmartView Technology which includes:

  • Age Intelligence (NEW)
  • Smart Dynamic Optics (NEW)
  • Clear Optics
  • Thin Optics

Age Intelligence

  • As we age, there are some changes to our eyes. Our pupils get smaller, lens in our eyes gets less flexible and the visual needs required also changes with age. These are taken into account when designing the lens for you to ensure optimal vision for your age. 

Smart Dynamic Optics

  • A 3D model is being used to design the lens which takes into account the distance, direction and inclination of the lenses. This provides smoother transition into the lens periphery with less perceived blur. 

There are two options to ZEISS Smartlife Digital lens. 

Measurements taken into account to design your lens
Smartlife Digital / Digital AsianaCentration 
Smartlife Digital Individual
(More customized)
Distance of your eyes to lens
Wrap angle of the frame
Inclination of the lens

Smartlife Digital Individual is more customized than Smartlife Digital. It takes into account more measurements which minimizes more distortions as compared to Smartlife Digital. This allows a wider field of clear vision than Smartlife Digital. Also, for Smartlife Digital Individual, we are able to customize the reading portion according to how often you are engaged in near tasks.

Difference between Smartlife Digital Lens and Digital Lens

ZEISS Smartlife Digital Lens is more customized than ZEISS Digital lens due to the new technology which takes into account the age of the customers, distance, direction and inclination of the spectacle lenses. This minimizes the distortion and blurriness towards the periphery side of the lens, therefore you will get to experience a wider field of vision with lesser head movements.

Most importantly, 63% of the participants using ZEISS Smartlife Digital lens perceived lesser eye strain towards the end of the day as compared to their previous single vision lenses.

Also, 73% of the participants using ZEISS Smartlife digital lens reported that they do not feel eye strain towards the end of the day and after engaging in near work and they have more accurate vision than participants who wore single vision lenses.

ZEISS Smartlife Digital Lens @ Evershine Optical

ZEISS Smartlife Digital lens is available at Evershine Optical. Before the optometrists at Evershine Optical conduct a comprehensive eye examination, we will ask a few questions regarding your lifestyle to understand your needs. For example if you spend more time indoors or outdoors and if you spend a lot of time doing near work like looking at your phone or laptop etc. We will also find out if you are experiencing any symptoms associated with near work. This will help us find out if ZEISS Smartlife Digital lens benefit you.

Appropriate tests will be carried out .

  1. Refraction test
    • Check eye power for distance and how much reading power is needed for near
  2. Eye health check
    • Assess the health of the front and back part of the eyes
  3. Binocular vision test
    • Check the alignment, strength, flexibility and focusing ability of the eyes

For ZEISS Smartlife Digital Individual, more measurements will be needed such as centration, distance between your eyes and the lens, horizontal angle of the lens and the tilt of the lens. To take these measurements, we will be using Zeiss i Terminal.

Experience eye fatigue? Eye strain? Interested in Smartlife Digital Lens? Contact us now @ 88461234 for an appointment.


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