My Vision Profile by ZEISS

My Vision Profile by Zeiss -the totally different Vision Test

Determine your personal visual habits and find your individualised lens solution from ZEISS

‘My Vision Profile by ZEISS’ will show you what challenges your eyes face in everyday life and which lens solutions from ZEISS can help you to overcome them.

The information you provide about your personal lifestyle results in a Vision Profile that will help our optometrist give you optimum advice during your next appointment. In combination with the results of your eye examination, you will receive a ZEISS lens solution that has been precisely tailored to your personal lifestyle and visual habits.

Discover your individual vision habits

ZEISS has developed a vision analysis tool which you can use to determine your personal vision habits. My Vision Profile by ZEISS determines your visual requirements from the following spheres of life:

  • Working world
  • Daily activities
  • Digital activities
  • Mobility
  • Leisure activities

The end result is your personal Vision Profile and a recommended lens solution from ZEISS that is precisely tailored to your personal visual habits – all free of charge and without obligation.

You can then take your personal Vision Profile in the form of a printout or QR code to our optometrist who are ZEISS lens specialist at Evershine Optical.   Our Optometrist will then test your vision and examine your eyes. With the results of My Vision Profile and the eye examination, our optometrist will advise you and recommend the ZEISS lens solution that is most suitable for your needs.



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