Blue Cut Lenses – Comparison for 2 brands

Lenses that cut out harmful blue light has been out for awhile. Hoya has been one of the pioneer in blue cut lenses with their Blue Control coating. However, one of the problem with these coatings are the bright blue reflections off the front surface of the lenses and the brownish tint of the lens that can cause color perception problems.

Zeiss has recently launched the Duravision Blue Protect coating in Singapore that has reduced blue light reflections off the surface of the lenses with these coatings and the lenses also look less brownish.

As you can see from the above diagram,  the (blue) reflections off the surface of the Hoya lens is more prominent and intense compared to the Zeiss lens with Duravision blue protect coating.  The Hoya lens also has a more brownish tint (probably 10% more) compared to the Zeiss lens with Blue Protect coating.

Higher reflectance off the surface of the lens and darker tint will reduce light transmission through the lens. A darker base color will also cause color perception problem, especially for people who needs to do color calibration for their work.

Hoya single vision lenses with blue control coating is available in stock lenses .

Blue protect coating is currently only available in Rx form, which means there is a longer waiting time for them if you decide to make one. We are however giving free upgrades for the Zeiss Duravision Blue  protect coating for purchase of selected Zeiss lenses at Evershine Optical. This offer is only valid for a limited time.

Edit (4 Aug 2016): We have seen those PC lens sold by a local Japanese chain store and the amount of reflection coming off those lenses are so bright. Anti reflection coatings are supposed to reduce the amount of reflection on the surface of the lens. If applying a ” PC ” coating to block blue light introduces more reflection on the lenses, which incidentally can cause eye fatigue and discomfort, then it having the ” PC ” is useless.

We have also noticed that “blue light reduction coating” from Seiko has very little blue light reflection off the lenses and is the most visually appealing among the lenses in the market that offers blue light protection.

Edit ( 9 Jun 2017 ) : Duravision Blue Protect is now available on Zeiss stock single vision clear (in 1.56, 1.6 and 1.67 index) and single vision photofusion lenses (1.56 and 1.6 index). You can now get your Blue protect lenses from Zeiss at Evershine Optical in as fast as 1 day .

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