Comparison between Seiko’s best progressive lens and Zeiss officelens

Comparison between Seiko’s best progressive lens and Zeiss officelens

This is not a scientific comparison.

We recently have a customer who wanted to try Seiko’s best progressive lens, the Seiko Superior P1 after having worn the best from Zeiss, the Zeiss individual 2 progressive lens.He is quite happy with the performance of the Seiko Superior P1. The amount of peripheral distortion in the distance and near zone is well controlled in the superior P1 despite the increase in the reading power. Our customer reported no noticeable increase in peripheral distortion .

He also got a pair of Zeiss officelens as he does a lot of computer work.

Seiko Superior P1_O L_annotated

Zeiss officelens Superb_OL_annotated

The contour map of Seiko superior P1 shows that distortion in the bottom area of the lens to be minimal . Our customer also did not feel any additional distortion in the lens even though there is an increase in the reading add power. He adapted easily to the new Seiko superior P1 progressive lens. He is also very happy with the Zeiss officelens . As a comparison, the reading and intermediate zone offered by the Zeiss officelens is at least 20% wider compared to the Seiko superior P1. It can be seen from the contour map of the officelens that distortion at the bottom part of the lens is minimal. This is important for easy adaption when wearing a pair of progressive lenses.

The seiko superior P1 in this example appears to be a very good progressive lens and is a good alternative to the Zeiss Individual 2 progressive lens. Whereas for the Zeiss officelens, it has shown again that it’s a very good lens, especially for near and intermediate work usage. Due to it’s low level of distortion, very good for first time wearer who needs reading glasses to see near as well as some distance vision.

Even though the officelens is not meant tor distance vision, would you rather compromise your near vision or distance vision if you spend more than 60% of your time doing near work ?



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