Polaroid Sunglasses is now available at Evershine Optical


Polarized Sunglasses by Polaroid is now available at Evershine Optical. They come in fashionable men and women styles, great quality and most importantly affordable .

Polaroid sunglasses also features  high performance UltraSight™ lenses, which give state of the art optical quality, 100% UV protection and eliminate glare. They’re super-tough, shatter resistant and scratchproof too so able to take the wear and tear !

See what you have been missing

not-polarized-vs-polarizedPolaroid polarized lenses

When light reflects off a shiny surface such as sand, water, snow orroads, it becomes concentrated horizontally and causes glare. Glare reduces visibility and makes it uncomfortable, painful and dangerous to carry on driving, cycling, skiing or even just sunbathing. While non-polarized lenses just make things look darker, Polaroid polarized sunglasses block virtually all glare. Light is made up of waves travelling in all directions.

Upon reflection on certain surfaces, light travels in two main directions, vertically and horizontally. Vertical light is usefulto the human eye: it helps us see. Horizontal light, however, simply creates glare. The horizontally-stretched polarizing layer inside every Polaroid lens does not allow horizontal light to pass through.
With Polaroid’s unsurpassable anti-glare properties, you can wear Polaroid lenses all day every day and enjoy whatever you’re doing stylishly in safety and comfort.