Here are some maps to help you find us if you are looking for ic! berlin frames

We know some of you have difficulty looking for us when you want to buy ic! berlin frames or sunglasses in Singapore so we have some maps below to help you do that.

You can locate us using ic! berlin’s shop finder  .  Below are some maps to show you our detailed locations.

ic berlin shop finder 2

Once you keyed in Singapore in the shop finder, you can see us and our supplier on the map. Please do not go to our supplier as they won’t sell you any ic! berlins.

ic berlin shop finder 1

We are located very close to Singapore’s shopping district  Orchard Road. We are just 4 MRT stops away to be exact and takes only about 10 mins to get to our location.

ic berlin shop finder 3

Once you reached Toa Payoh MRT station, get out of the station and follow the directions above. Otherwise, just ask anyone where is Block 177. Singaporeans are a helpful lot.