Do you wear progressive lenses or reading glasses and spend more than 50% of the time reading documents and looking at computers when you are in the office ? Then you should consider wearing office lenses.

The picture below illustrates what happens when you wear a pair of reading glasses, progressive lenses and office lenses.


With the Zeiss office lenses, you will be able to work comfortably in front of your computer for longer hours. It will also help improve your productivity as you will be able to see everything clearly on your desk, computer and around the office. The Zeiss office lenses offer very wide field of view when compared to normal progressive lenses.

The upper portion of the  Zeiss office lenses can be customised up to 200 cm or 400 cm. If you work with desktop computers most of the time when you are in the office, for example computer programmers, accountants and retail banking officers, we can customize the viewing zone from 30cm up to 200cm. However, if you need to move around in the office, we can customize the lenses up to 400cm.

Many of our customers who switched to Zeiss office lenses have been extremely satisfied compared to wearing normal progressive lenses when they are in the office. They are now able to see their computer screens comfortably without having to tilt their head or move their head in order to see clearly.

For our customers who have their Zeiss office lenses customised to 400 cm, most of them are also able to use it outside their office as a normal progressive lenses.

In summary, people who spend alot of time in the office and look at the computer screen alot will benefit from Zeiss office lenses the most as it offers :

1. wide reading zones for near and computer distances (as compared to a pair of normal progressive)

2. improve your productivity as you are able to work longer without feeling eye strain or neck ache.

Benefits of the ZEISS officelens portfolio:

  • Clear visual acuity for near to intermediate distance vision with wide vision zones.
  • Relaxed and natural vision in the office and for any activities at near and mid-range.
  • Comfortable head and body posture.
  • Adapted to personal visual distance from the near to intermediate range.
  • 3 performance levels ensure the best lens option to satisfy individual wearer needs.

At Evershine Optical, our optometric consultant will discuss with you your needs and your visual requirements before customizing the Zeiss office lens for you.

Disclaimer : Evershine Optical is not paid by Carl Zeiss Vision to endorse their products.