Eye screening with Zeiss Visucam 500

We have been taking fundus photographs for our customers who came in for eye examinations since the Zeiss Visucam 500 was commissioned  2 weeks ago.

Today, a 60 year old lady came in for a new pair of glasses. During the eye exam, we noticed that vision for her right eye was quite poor, with a VA of 6/12 while her left eye is 6/7.5 . Examination with the slit lamp microscope did not reveal any significant cataracts on the right eye.

Using the Visucam 500 fundus camera,  we took a picture of  fundus and it showed a blister-like lesion near or on the macular.


The macular is involved in the central vision of the eye. Damage to the macular will result in poor central vision, which is consistent with her VA of 6/12 . 6/6 is perfect vision.

Further analysis using the fundus autofluorescence feature in the Visucam 500 showed a clearly delineated lesion at or near the macular. Distortions on amsler grid testing also confirmed the location of the lesion.


We have referred her to a trusted eye specialist for further examination and diagnosis and hopefully her central vision can be preserved or improved with treatment.

Photo of her left fundus is shown below.