Zeiss Visucam 500 Fundus Camera @ Evershine Optical


Evershine Optical has made the biggest investment in our customers with the purchase of the Zeiss Visucam 500 fundus camera, one of the best and most advanced non-mydriatic fundus camera in eye care. The camera allows our optometrists to capture an image of the back of your eyes for detailed inspection for any diseases or abnormalities that may be missed using conventional methods of examining the eyes.

The Zeiss Visucam 500 fundus camera helps in detection and management of sight threatening diseases like age-related macula degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, hypertensive retinopathy, cancer of the eye and other retinal diseases.

The Visucam 500 has the ability to measure and monitor the macula pigment density which allows a risk assessment of age related macula degeneration. Advance feature like fundus autofluorescence also aids in the screening and diagnosing of retinal diseases that may be missed using a normal fundus camera.