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Keep track of your balls with our new photochromic lenses Photo Orange Mirrored and Photo Copper. These colours have been specially formulated for golf to enhance contrast of greens and whites: the improved green contrast helps you better judge distances, find the break on the green and suss out the best putting line; while better white balance gives your tiny white ball more contrast against the sky.

Photo Copper lenses shift from an orange-brown to dark brown and have a base luminous transmittance (Tv) of 40% (category 2) to 11% (category 3) when fully activated; Photo Orange Mirrored lenses are slightly lighter and have a base Tv of 63% (category 2) to 22% (category 3) when fully activated. Both come with dirt-repellent, ultra-hard and scratch resistant coatings, and a back-AR coat for glare-free vision.

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Black grey polarized, Photo copper mirrored, Photo orange mirrored