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Zeiss Lens Promotion @ Evershine Optical

Get upgrades worth $450 :

– Free upgrade to Duravision Blue protect (worth $100) on selective Zeiss lenses.

–  Get an extended 1 year warranty (worth $50) when you choose Duravision coating.

– Free upgrade to Zeiss i.scription (worth $200) with selective lenses

With every purchase of Zeiss Precision Plus, Precision Superb or Individual 2 or Drivesafe  (1.6 index and above) progressive lenses. Prices start from $890.

Other Zeiss promotion is available. Please check in store.

1. Get a 1 year extended warranty on coatings worth $50 with Duravision Blue protect.

2. 50% off Zeiss officelens (purchased as 2nd pair)

*certain terms and conditions apply. please check in store.

50% off Zeiss Duravision BlueProtect

SV 1.6 and 1.67 high index stock lenses

with purchase of ic Berlin, Viktor & Rolf,  Silhouette and Adidas eyewear

Get a pair of New Balance or Levi's Sunglass Free !

With every purchase of ic berlin eyewear with lenses

Sunglass Promotions

ic berlin sunglasses at special price

100% Handmade In Germany

Buy a pair of Markus T Eye wear and

get a pair of Zeiss SV* 1.6 / 1.67 lenses

worth up to $320

30% off selected style

$568 with Zeiss 1.60 SV lens worth $240

30% to 50% off selected style

Rimless style with Zeiss 1.6 SV* from $498

UP to 50% off  Adidas Sunglasses

Key Features & Benefits of BioTrue OneDay

  • Mimics lipid layer of the tear film to prevent dehydration for all day comfort.
  • Matches the water content of the cornea, to support incredible comfort.
  • Meets the oxygen level that an open eye needs to maintain healthy, white eyes.
  • High Definition Optics for crisp, clear vision — all day and into the evening.
  • UV protection* to help protect eyes along with sunglasses.

This revolutionary new lens material, inspired by the biology of the eye:

  • Matches the moisture level of the natural eye
  • Mimics one of your own tear’s barriers to dehydration, with a wetting agent enriched at surface of lens

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