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If you have been visiting our website , you will probably notice that we have an online “shop” at the top of the navigation menu and have been browsing our online catalogue.  Our product catalogs were pretty messy before and made browsing very troublesome. There was also no way to search for the products that you are interested in. So we decided to revamp the whole thing with this new catalog. We engaged a web designer/developer and paid a ridiculous sum of money to help us do it but it was a pain in the a** working with these web designers. So we decided to it ourselves. We hope it serves your needs. Buying online from our website is not available at the moment as we are still working on it. If you are interested in any of the products just contact us and we will advise you how you can make payment.


When you arrive at our website , click on the “Shop” and it will you bring to a page where all the products will be shown. It will also show a drop down menu where you can choose the Brands that you want to see and also a “Sale” page with all the products on sale.

products page all_2

Once you are in our shop page (showing all the products), you can filter which brands and category (sunglasses or glasses) you want to look at and narrow your search with the “sort by” as seen below. To view all our products on sale, just click on “Show only products on sale”.

products page filter_3

To view more details about that particular product, just click on it.

shop 6

In the product page, some item comes in different colours and options, just click on them and the different variations will be shown.  If you like the item, you can click on the “wish list” so that you can review them later. You can also share them using the social media buttons below.

shop register

As we are finalizing the pricing of our products online, in order to see the prices, you have to login to see them. Just register by keying in your email. It’s that simple. If you want to change your password etc, just go to the “Account” page to do it.

We are constantly working on our website to give you a better browsing /shopping experience. If you have any feedback on our website, do let us know. We will try to improve on it.