Are titanium eye wear frames the lightest ?

At Evershine Optical, we often get people asking for eyewear made of titanium materials. When we asked them why they wanted titanium frames, the most common reasons given are it’s light weight and it’s strong and won’t break easily. This is far from the truth as we have seen many people come in with broken titanium frames.

When we show them a pair of ic! berlin eyewear which is already very light in weight, most weighing less than 20g, they ask what material is it. When we tell them it’s made of stainless steel, they immediately get the impression that it’s heavier than titanium frames.  ic! berlin frames “are made of very flexible 0.5 mm thick stainless steel”

Spring steel is very flexible and can be adapted to any face. The reliability of extreme lightness and precise adjustment maximum comfort. ic! berlin glasses are virtually indestructible. individual parts can be reassembled within seconds. and if the metal frame should be bent once, the user can quickly bend it back to it’s original shape. Forms? Based on the unlimited freedom in design that spring steel provides, basically any form is possible.

Most people who have worn ic! berlin frames like it because it’s lightweight and durable. It’s not totally unbreakable though but we can say it’s more durable than a lot of frames out there, yes, even titanium ones. It’s made of high grade stainless steel and do not corrode easily , an attribute that titanium materials are known for.

ic! berlin has been making eye wear for 20 years. It’s known more for it’s functionality and reliability than it’s “brand” . In the eyewear industry, not many eyewear brand can stick around for 2o years if they just rely on their brand name alone.

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